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SLAYER - Still Reigning : Reign In Blood (2004)

Slayer performing live at the Augusta Civic Center, 11th of July 2004.. From the Still Reigning DVD.

track list:

01.Angel of Death (Reign in Blood-1986)-0:15

02.Piece by Piece (Regin in Blood-1986)-5:21

03.Necrophobic (Reig n in Blood-1986)-7:27

04.Altar of Sacrifice (Reign in Blood-1986)-9:17

05.Jesus Saves (Reign in Blood-1986)-12:13

06.Criminally Insane (Reign in Blood-1986)-15:14

07.Reborn (Reign in Blood-1986)-17:54

08.Epidemic (Reign in Blood-1986)-20:16

09.Postmortem (Reign in Blood-1986)-23:08

10.Raining Blood (Reign in Blood-1986)-26:14


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